Mental health resources

Mental health resources

14 Apr 2019

The following are resources available to provide both background and ministry for Bible-based counselling of saints with mental health issues.

1: Outline.pdf

2: So what about mental health

3: Pastoral care

4: Bible counsellor notes

5: Resources

A very successful mental health workshop was held in Goulburn on 23rd March. The following are some of the audio files and other resources shared at that event:

Audio files:

1 Introduction (P Bob B) 7:16
2 What is mental health (Jacqui R) 3:41
3 Depression (Jacqui R & P Bob B) 14:24
4 Anxiety (Jacqui R) 17:19
5 Ways to help (P Pete M & Jacqui R)
6 Scriptures that help (P Pete M & various) 5:23
7 Victory testimony (P Bob B & Katy M & P Pete M) 33:57
8 Supporting young people (Heidii B) 35:37
9 Wrapup (P Bob B) 12:46

Videos shown:

What is mental health?
Identifying depression
How you can help
Showing empathy


Info - Self harm mythbuster
Info - Suicide myths
Info - Suicide firstaid


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