WordLight - Song and bible projection for the Revival Fellowship

WordLight - Song and bible projection for the Revival Fellowship

01 Jul 2019

WordLight is a Windows app to display songs and scriptures on a projection screen.  It replaces PsalmPilot, and can be used instead of WorshipHim at no cost.

The song library includes:

  • The current chorus book 1-633
  • New choruses used by Canberra, Lismore and elsewhere to 700
  • European choruses with their numbering 701+
  • All 200 hymns from the Red book with an extra 30 or so from the old Redemption Hymnal. Hymn words are as recently revised and tidied up by Brisbane. 

New songs will be added automatically as they become available.

For the Bible, it will show either a reference (ie 'Currently reading from...'), or full scripture text. Scripture lists from the speaker can be pre-loaded and then selected during a talk, or created during a talk and subsequently saved or printed. 

To install WordLight:

  • Download the WordLight installer here. Click on and run the downloaded Setup file. 
  • On the 'Windows protected your PC' screen, click on 'More info' then 'Run anyway'
  • If the app fails, you may need the Microsoft prerequisite from here. Download and install that then retry Wordlight.  
  • It is designed for Windows 10 with at least the May 1903 update.    

Support is available via email to 

Enhancement requests can be made to the same email.


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