WordLight - Song and bible projection for the Revival Fellowship

WordLight - Song and bible projection for the Revival Fellowship

01 Jul 2019

WordLight is a Windows app to display songs and scriptures on a projection screen.  It can be used by any Revival Fellowship assembly at no cost.

The song library includes:

  • The current chorus book 1-633
  • Additional choruses added by Canberra, Lismore, Europe and Adelaide (currently to around 900)
  • All 200 hymns from the Red book with an extra 30 or so from the old Redemption Hymnal.  

For the Bible, it will show either a reference (ie 'Currently reading from...'), or full scripture text. Scripture lists from the speaker can be pre-loaded and then selected during a talk, or created during a talk and subsequently saved or printed. 

To install WordLight:

  • Download the WordLight installer, then run the downloaded setup file. 
  • On the 'Windows protected your PC' screen, click on 'More info' then 'Run anyway'.
  • Beta version v1.8.5 is available to trial here (MSI here). Rerun the 'WordLight installer' above to return to the current production version

To remove WordLight from your computer, or to start again with a fresh installation, use 'Control Panel; Programs and Features' to uninstall WordLight, then download and run this cleanup app. If reinstalling WordLight and you want to keep your local settings, save them first to a personal location (eg Documents), then reload them after reinstalling WordLight.

Support is available via email to 

Enhancement requests can be made to the same email.

WordLight is designed for Windows 10 with at least the May 1903 update, but will also run on earlier versions of Windows that have been kept up-to-date. It is not available from the Windows Store.



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