Mental health workshop (Goulburn)

Mental health workshop (Goulburn)

26 Mar 2019

In response to the increasing incidence of depression, anxiety and trauma in our society, a very successful mental health workshop was held in Goulburn on 23rd March. It was a first step to helping us work together more effectively to bring ministry, support and healing to those who are struggling.

Pastor Bob Beverley organised the day in conjunction with Jacqui Riggs who has a masters degree in Clinical psychology and has worked in both private practice and public health settings.

Other contributors were Pastor Pete and Katy Moore, and Heidii Burgess who is a qualified youth and community services worker.

A big thank you is due to Pastor Craig and the Goulburn fellowship for hosting the day.

We will make the resources available shortly, but here is what's available so far:

Audio files:

1 Introduction (P Bob B) 7:16

2 What is mental health (Jacqui R) 3:41

3 Depression (Jacqui R & P Bob B) 14:24

4 Anxiety (Jacqui R) 17:19

5 Ways to help (P Pete M & Jacqui R)

6 Scriptures that help (P Pete M & various) 5:23

7 Victory testimony (P Bob B & Katy M & P Pete M) 33:57

8 Supporting young people (Heidii B) 35:37

9 Wrapup (P Bob B) 12:46


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