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Revival Fellowship  |  11 Dec 2016

God is a healing God. He wants to restore people and make them whole. Healing has been one of God's promises throughout all of mankind's existence.

Healing in the Old Testament

God healed people and delivered them from their distress.1 He said:

  • I am the Lord that heals you2
  • I will take all sickness away from you3
  • I heal all your diseases4

Healing in the New Testament

While he was on earth, Jesus healed people of physical and mental sickness. The New Testament is full of these accounts.5 Throughout the Book of Acts, the disciples brought God's power to people by preaching the word of God and healing the sick.

Healing for today

God wants to heal people today of physical, mental and spiritual troubles.6

The Bible tells us:

  • to pray for the sick in our church meetings7
  • healing is a gift God puts in the Church8
  • to pray for each other to be healed9
  • healing is a sign that follows believers10
  • Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever11
We experience the healing power of God, with people are being healed from physical and mental illness, and drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.

Visit our True Stories page and our Healed by God website for accounts of some of the many healings by God's power.

You can ask and expect God to heal you today - body, mind and spirit.

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